Lyra 35 Piece Sketching Set

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The LYRA Sketching Set in a metal case consists of 18 monochrome pencils and 12 pastel pencils of the highest quality. They are particularly robust and exceptionally smooth. The Sketching Set also includes a carbon pastel, a carbon pencil, sharpener, eraser. The set is ideal for drawing, sketching and sketching. We recommend the use of a fixing agent. There are many possibilities to become active in drawing. The own abilities can be recognized and extended and more and more manifold space and freedom of design can be given to the forces of fantasy and creativity. Sketching is an attempt to capture the moment. In the very now, conscious experience and perception meet concentrated and yet relaxed sketching and drawing. This moment of perceiving and drawing is often much more important than the sketch itself. With the Sketching Set by Lyra, beginners and advanced learners get a wonderful tool at hand to capture the moment playfully and artistically. Contents: 18 monochrome pencils. 12 pastel pencils. 1 extra dark carbon pastel HB.1 carbon pencil 2B. 1 sharpener for 8.5 mm diameter. 1 kneaded eraser. 1 fusian Pastel 2B. Dimensions: 31 × 19 × 1,7 cm. LYRA is one of the world's oldest brands for quality products for kindergarten, school, office and art supplies. Originally from Nuremberg, the brand, which can look back on a history of more than two hundred years, uses increasingly efficient and at the same time environmentally conscious methods to manufacture its high-quality products.